Bingo: Examining the Odds

What exactly are the odds of winning in bingo? In theory, finding out this exact figure is really quite simple. What you need to do is simply divide your number of cards being played to the total number of cards being played.

As an example, let's say you're currently playing 6 cards, while the total number of cards currently being played is 100. Applying the formula mentioned above, 6 divided by 100 equals .06, or simply put -- your chances of winning in that particular game is 6 percent. The odds would then be 6 in 100.

Easy isn't it? Well yes and no. You see, the hard part is finding out the total number of cards in play. You can't simply stop the game and count the cards individually. One way to get a rough estimate of this figure is by doing a head count, then multiply the figure you came up with by what you consider to be the average cards that each person plays. Again, this is harder than it looks.

Compounding the matters still is that in progressive jackpot games, the odds mentioned above can't be applied. The chances of someone winning the pot in most progressive games aren't guaranteed. It may take weeks or sometimes months for a winner to emerge in a number of progressive games, since the odds of winning are so high.

Now that we know how the odds of winning in bingo games are calculated, the next question is: "Which balls are likely to come up more often than the others?" Now if we knew that, we wouldn't exactly be telling it to you, right? Despite what some bingo "experts" might say, no particular ball is destined to come up more often than the others.

This is true in all instances unless of course the balls aren't manufactured properly, and someone tampered with the balls being played.

Like a coin toss, the laws of probability are also applied to the number of times a particular ball in bingo will come up. This means that even if the number B-6 comes up 5 times in a single night, that isn't a clear indication that it will come up again in the next night. The odds of other numbers coming up is still the same as that of B-6, irregardless of the fact that it came up 5 times the night before.

The odds of winning in a bingo game is dependent upon the number of your cards in play, and the number of other cards being played. Increase your chances of winning by either increasing the cards you'll play or by playing in a not too crowded bingo hall.