Lucky Bingo

Winning Bingo has always bedazzled Bingo followers around the world for centuries. Since its ancestor game was played in Italy in the 16th century, Bingo has lured intriguing minds to analyze any strategies that may result to raking the Bingo jackpot prizes at the end of the day. Is there a set of lucky numbers that Bingo callers always end up announcing at the social Bingo event? How do you determine a lucky set of Bingo cards? Is there a secret to win your all-time favorite Bingo game?

As of now, no one has foretold the combinations that could be picked by the Bingo caller. There aren't even any proven strategies to know what the winning Bingo card will be.

The Bingo game is and always will be a game of luck and chance. No one has ever controlled the seemingly unforeseen hand that plays with enthusiastic Bingo players in every game. That's why every Bingo player always seem to hope that this unforeseen hand and luck would end up on their side. If not, they have worked out since time immemorial some "rituals" that they hope is effective to lure luck and make them win in the next Bingo game.

Here are the following "lucky" Bingo strategies that most Bingo players have been accustomed to:

1. Lucky Dauber Marker Yes, there is such thing as a lucky dauber color for some Bingo fanatics. Some Bingo players believe that their lucky color could increase their chances of winning. So far, there isn't any particular lucky color for the Bingo game. It all depends on the belief of the respective bingo player. Their lucky colors are relative.

2. Lucky Charms Some players rely on their lucky charms to win the game. Bingo players have different charms which, include lucky necklaces, bracelets, rings and other precious stones or miniature antique pieces. They believe that bringing them along will give them the edge over other hopeful Bingo players.

3. Lucky chair/seat This practice is the most common. Bingo players always make it a point to remember where they are seated when they last won the jackpot. For them, doing this could make lady luck glance at their side and wish them luck.

4. Assorted markers When bingo players feel that they are having an unlucky game, they usually resort to changing their dauber marker or pen. This kind of practice is expected to weed away bad luck and attract its opposite.

Using these strategies does not guarantee a winning Bingo night. However, if one feels like doing this, there is no harm in trying. So, don't think twice about wearing that lucky charm or sitting on that lucky seat. Enjoy the bingo game and Good Luck!