Try These Bingo Game Variations

Among the fun things with regards to bingo are the many kinds of variations and types of bingo games that players can play in the casino. The basic nature of bingo games is very easy but reviewing the different bingo game types is an important thing to do to enhance your gaming experience.

With regards to bingo, the usual thing that comes to the people's mind is the traditional and classic bingo game. A typical bingo card consists of five columns and five rows having a total of 25 squares. The individual letters of bingo are written at the top portion of the bingo card with one letter above every column of numbers. The numbers of the bingo game range from one to 75.

The purpose of any or all bingo games is to match the number and letter combination on the bingo cards to the called out numbers. For players to win in a bingo game round, a specific bingo pattern will have to be marked out on the bingo cards. The winning patterns in a traditional bingo game are diagonal, horizontal, and vertical row consisting of five spaces.

Pattern bingo games are almost similar to the traditional bingo games except that the game has more complicated patterns to complete. These patterns can be x-patterns, all four corners, blackouts, and many more pattern variations. The blackout pattern of a bingo game means that players will have to mark all the 24 numbers on the bingo card.

There are times that players are allowed to play a variety of bingo games using the same bingo card from the previous game round and this is called as the combination bingo games. If the player wins the first game of the combination, a new game type will be started without changing the bingo cards.

There is a bingo game that is progressive in nature, meaning if there is no winner on a game round, the jackpot prize will be carried over to the next rounds of game until a winner comes out. Most often, the patterns in progressive bingo games are much harder to complete compared to regular games and the called out numbers are much fewer.

Bingo games are very popular and today there are many variations of the game already. You might find games that have a different shape of bingo cards or pictures are used instead of the usual numbers. Whatever is the variation of the bingo game you are playing, having the firm background of the game will help you to learn easily the other game variations that you might encounter.